Main Street Misfire

For all of you awaiting the second installment of Miss Delta Grayson, it’s a comin’ faster than I can stop it! All that’s left to do is polish the ending, and send it off to the coder.

Main Street Misfire will solve many questions for our vigilante. I look forward to y’all reading it, and seeing the reactions to the newest Mystery.

Jackie fans will have a quick fix. The short story Cotton & Corruption will be featured in Dew on the Kudzu January 26th.

This year will be a busy one. In 2012 I plan on spoiling you readers rotten! Expect Main Street Misfire first. Colts, Cadillacs & Consequences will be released in late Spring. I’m still not sure about releasing a book of short stories. It would include my first published works, and stories I’ve dabbled with for quite some time. Let me know your opinions. If this is something you think you’d enjoy, I can work on putting them together, and asking the always awesome Inkslinger Designs to start working on a cover. Besides that I know for certain  another title will be released in 2012. It’s brand new, but I think all of you will enjoy the main protagonist Harley Owen. I’m still iffy on the title so I don’t want to set it in stone, but it will be a Southern Gothic style novel set in everyone’s favorite small town.

I want to hear from you. Shoot me an e-mail with thoughts and concerns.



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Writer, Reader. Author of the Delta Grayson and Jackie Dawson series.
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