Saying goodbye to the 2010 Auburn Tigers.

As a small child, I realized I had a deep love for anything and everything Auburn. My father takes the blame when he encouraged me to carry around a porcelain Wise Man doll from a Nativity scene, because I was convinced (since he wore blue) it happened to be Bo Jackson.

The 2010 Auburn Tigers made me laugh, made me scream, and made me cry. Sometimes all in the same game. Not to mention the comradery between the fellow Auburn fans tightened like barbed-wire. I can’t tell you how many times I was cut off in a turning lane only to realize the insane driver was a fellow Auburn fan. I’d wave instead of using my finger. We’d all shout ‘War Eagle’ to one another in Walmart from two isles away. Each one of us wearing smiles to our ears. For the first time since I can remember, Auburn fans didn’t back down for fear of being outnumbered by our Crimson Tide counterparts. We were united like a tight knit family.

Who would jump when Cam forced himself through four men who tried to brutally hold him down? I cried when Nick Fairley decided he’d had enough and started power slamming any player that got in his way during the Alabama game. In 2010 none of us gave up. Even when we had minutes to spare, we held out breaths in unison, and cheered our boys right into the Nation Championship. All of us lived through Auburn football history. Even though I’m going to miss all of the Seniors that were drafted into the NFL along with the ones who graduated, I’m begging all Auburn fans… Lets have a season like 2010? Lets cheer at replays, honk at Tiger tails hanging out of car trunks, and wear our lucky jerseys even when it’s not Saturday.


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2 Responses to Saying goodbye to the 2010 Auburn Tigers.

  1. Brenda Lynn says:

    Kim, this is a wonderful Auburn post! I think you summed up my feelings for last year’s phenominal season perfectly! Auburn fans/family are the classiest bunch of people, in my opinion! I have often heard fans from opposing teams comment on our attitudes, graciousness and hospitality. I think that is so much better than being known for how obnoxious, rude and crass your fan base is. War Eagle!

    • KimKarter says:

      I agree with you one hundred percent, Brenda! The Auburn family always knows how to cheer for our team in the right way! I’m so glad you enjoyed this blog post! There should be many more Auburn ones throughout the season. One thing’s for sure, our Auburn Tigers have the most loyal fans on the planet. I can’t wait to cheer for them tomorrow! 😀 War Eagle!!

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