The Official Private Eye Handbook (City of Magick) Review

In my personal opinion, this short story collection (they all tie in together) is a welcome to the hardboiled, noir genre. The author, Phoenix has a vast imagination that never seems to end. This book features Brick Stone, PI, and as a lead character, he is strong and relentless. All of us have our flaws, turns out Brick has some issues with the ladies. He can’t seem to tell them no, but it makes him all the more loveable.

The writing is strong, with little to no errors in the book. The overall format was wonderful. No jumbled words, no consecutive run on sentences. Although, I would have liked an in depth description of Brick. I don’t think that’s an error on the author’s part, though, because after all, this is filled with short stories.

Phoenix connects the crime genre to the fantasy one effortlessly. Not one time did I think the writing was hokey or just ‘too much.’

I would certainly read more by the author. I hope a Brick Stone (standard issue) complete novel is released.


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PS- Small Town Unwound: A Dr. Delta Grayson Novel will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwoods Tuesday (8-30)


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