The Red Gate Review.

The second book of my weekly review is The Red Gate by Richard Sutton. The writing in this book deserves 5 stars alone.

If I were to categorize The Red Gate, I’m not sure if I could do it with only one choice. It is a family saga paired with historical fiction. Usually, I’m not a big fan of certain time periods, but Richard Sutton sent me to the rain filled world of Ireland. The descriptions made me feel the weather around me. The sunlight, the drizzle, and the lone coast of the O’Deirg family farm.

The story is told through the perspectives of a few different characters. Some of them made me squint my eyes in disgust due to the absolute conniving ways, but Finn O’Deirg made me root for the family even more.

The Red Gate focuses on a mysterious relic found on the O’Deirg farm. Inhabited by Finn and his Father, they drive into the nearest town for a supply run. Finn takes the charm with him, and mistakenly runs into a self-absorbed Professor that will do anything to get his name ahead. As Finn asks questions about his find, the Professor’s real intentions are revealed. With a subtle romantic storyline going on in the background, and a surprise twist at the end. I highly recommend The Red Gate if you enjoy intriguing plots and beautiful lyrical writing.


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