Shadow of a Dead Star (Wonderland Cycle) Review

This is the first installment of many more book reviews to come. Each week, I plan on posting a thread of requested reviews. I’ve got a lot of promising reads coming up, that I look forward to checking out! Also, check the blog for authors I’ve discovered in my weekly search.

Michael Shean has a new life long fan. Anything with his name on it, I’m going to pick up a copy! His imagination ceases to have an end in Shadow of a Dead Star (Wonderland Cycle). It is cyperpunk with a noir twist that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Agent Thomas Walken has spent his life trying to believe in humanity. Over the span of years, he is slowly trusting in his famous instincts to solve cases that involve new, synthetic drugs made from human juice. Over time, a new cult-like following emerges for special, microchip constructed Princess Dolls. These children are found from the streets of Seattle, including Old City and New City, and programmed to perform lude/cruel acts on their owners.

Before Walken can get to the bottom of the Doll situation, he is thrust into a world he can’t even imagine. New discoveries lead to infinite twists that kept my brain spinning through the entire read. Even when I tried to guess the culprits, I was dumbfounded when learning the various discoveries. The twists in this book are unbelievable and every tiny detail counts toward the big picture.

For a read well worth the money, check out Shadow of a Dead Star. It will keep you guessing all night!

Check him out, he’s the real deal. I know I wasn’t disappointed!

Look for more blogs throughout the week, including more books, new author sections, and my own take on all things writing, editing, and reviewing.


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